Thursday, June 19, 2008

Practice Final - Chat could have fatal effects

Do you usually chat with someone? Maybe many people have experienced it at least one time and some may have seen strange word even if it was their own language. Nowadays, because of the extension of Internet, many people are using Internet. Because many people are using the Internet, there is made some chat language to use easily by the young generation. Also, it is becoming a controversy in many societies. According to Lee (2008), “Some teachers find the new writing style alarming. ‘First of all, it’s very rude, and it’s very careless,’ said Lois Moran, a middle school English teacher” (para. 37-38). As you see the problem is that many of the young generation are ignoring their grammar and form in their language. This phenomenon can have a bad effect on the young generation, because that kind of chat language might be a change from their own language. So, it is necessary for them and us to work out a new countermeasure.

It can be an acute problem, because language has been changed by the passage. Also, if the chat language is translated to the next generation, it might induce the destruction of their own languages. Therefore, there is a need to educate the young generation in school.

They have to be educated to use less. According to Weeks (2008), “Most prose that young people read nowadays, Yagoda says, is unedited – blogs, text messages and instant messages. Consequently, ‘the things that suffer most are spelling and punctuation. They put a comma, not a period, where there is a pause’” (para 36). As in the above situation, it becomes serious. As they use the word, it can became an unchangeable word between them, because they are already familiar with that language with their friends and life. Therefore, it requires education and help to use the chat language less in school and at home.

The young generation shouldn’t to use a chat words because using chat words could produce misunderstanding, because the chat words usually abbreviate their key words. One survey found that most students know what is important in writing, but their chat words don’t have emotions (Weeks, 2008). Because most students abbreviate their key words, their conversation could be misunderstood. Therefore, they have to realize that using chat language is bad for them and it can induce misunderstanding.

In conclusion, many of the young generation should not use the chat language, when they are being educated. Moreover, many movements which support less use of chat words should be announced among the young generations. Then many of them will know it has the influence of a bad effect for them. If so, they will recognize this, and they will use less chat language.


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