Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summary Response #2

In Melville’s (2003) article entitled “polar Bears Face Serious Threat,” the author of the article mentions that polar bears will disappear unless we prevent global warming. In the article, first, he states that polar bear’s main habitat is melting more than scientists believed. Then, one of scientists stressed that if climate predictions of huge changes in sea ice are correct, obviously we will lose polar bears. Next, he explains by sharing his research that although there remains some polar bears. Next, he explains by sharing his research that although there remains some polar bears in the Candian archipelago, still extinction is a concern because of ice melting. Finally, he tells with information of polar bear reproduction that polar bears can tolerate each different condition; however, they still are declining without scientist’s evidence. According to this article, the author thinks extinction of polar bear is going to come true sooner than people thought. Also, he warns that forest fires could be related to polar bear populations.

This article talks about how polar bears are disappearing because of ice melting and burned forests. According to this article, I could understand another cause of polar bear’s extinction. Then I though the situation is not an unrealistic problem, because the author gave some example of a place that is already changing seriously. And I also think that the polar bear’s disappearing problem is not only focused on the polar bear’s problems, but also the destruction of the ecosystem of the Arctic.

First of all, the government has to make a law to reduce greenhouse gases, because greenhouse gases cause global warming. If the governments don’t make any laws to prevent emissions of greenhouse gases, nobody is going to take any actions. Greenhouse gas is very serious for polar bears because it makes temperature rise rapidly. Then, this climate makes the ice melt, polar bears lose their habitat, and makes it hard for them to hunt for polar bear’s food. So, nowadays polar bears threaten their food chain and ice melt condition will provide a bad condition for polar bear’s living. Therefore the government should try to make new methods to diminish greenhouse gases, and then it will prevent global warming.

Second, the government should make a law to prohibit hunting polar bears. Hunting polar bears is one of the problems, because some hunters hunt them for fun. Those people have to get punishment, because polar bear is not a common animal. If people hunt al lot, polar bears will move away from area. Actually, we don’t need to hunt them because there are many animals that we can hunt in the world.

Third, these days, humans always try to develop their lives. Sometimes people cause fires at the poles or have oil spill problems. That is a problem that threatens the polar bear, and it makes their habitat collapse. In fact, many companies and countries destroy Arctic sea ice, because of their development of new places, study of Arctic places, and ships moving. So polar bears lose their habitat because of these reasons. From human’s various environmental pollution, polar bears are threatened.

In conclusion, government should make sure there are methods to take care of polar bears. Especially, we should try to reduce greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide, because these gases are a big problem of global warming. Then, government has to prohibit development and hunting . If we can stop those problems, polar bear will increase and the ecosystem will be better.


Melville, K (2003, January 9). Polar bear Headed For Extinction. Scienceagogo.com. Retrieved June 1, 2008, from http://www.scienceagogo.com/news/20030008220241data_trunc_sys.shtml

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